top-10-logo[1]Everyday at 5am and 5pm ET we air the Top 10 Countdown. These are the highest voted songs from the month of May. Remember, you can vote on every song you hear on Gashouse Radio using the thumbs up/down buttons located on the player page and on the mobile apps. Here is last month’s highest voted songs:


1. I Can’t Believe – The Lost Will Follow


2. 8 Bit Luv – The DeFused


3. Definition – Magnificent Birds of Prey


4. So Numb – Epicyon


5. Chasing Lights – Copper Lungs


6. Not Forever – Amber Ladd


7. Cordelia (Featuring Carmen Toth) – Social Potion


8. Housewife – east of the west


9. Old Skin – Wooden Hez


10. Everything’s Cool but Nothing’s Exciting – Skinny Bitches