TwoPeaceExtraSpicy is our new returning champion today for Gashouse Live‘s Band vs Band segment! Copper Lungs put together a nice little run, but this bluesy duo from Canada proved to be too much. The band has a few shows coming up in the Toronto area, so check out for more info on upcoming dates. Also be sure to pick up their new album Sophia on iTunes, and tune in today at 6pm ET for 3 more samples.


Scuzbot alt-rock band from Philadelphia. They had a strong debut on our show, so we’re bringing 3 songs back today for Band vs Band. Their next show is July 11th at Spaceboy in Wilmington, DE, but the band is planning a few big shows in Philly very soon. Go to for more info on the band and their shows. While you’re there, you can pick up their self-titled album for FREE.


Today at 6pm ET on Gashouse Live we’ll play 3 tracks from both bands. We need you to use our thumbs up/down buttons to give us your honest opinion on every song you hear. These votes will determine which band comes back on Thursday as our returning champion. We’ve also got new music from John MamoneBlack Hi-Lighter, and . So tune in to Gashouse Live today at 6pm ET, only on!