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Tomorrow night, 8/21, we continue our Gashouse Acoustic Series. Every Wednesday night we bring a band in studio for an interview and acoustic performance. The set is broadcast live, both audio and video.


This week we welcome Electrotype, an independent art-rock/prog-rock project from multi-instrumentalist and lyricist/composer Beth Maplesden. Electrotype has many different levels of sound, which can be heard on the album 7.50. This album was a long time in the making, and we’re excited to hear the story behind the project. You can pick up the album right from electrotype.us, or find it on iTunes and Amazon.


So make sure you tune in Wednesday night at 8pm for an interview and acoustic performance from Electrotype. Don’t forget you can always request Electrotype using the auto-request bar on our player page. Bring your questions and comments to our chat room, and click the More Info button during the performance for a live video feed!