How Party Poker Can Help You


If you have a good product, all the hard work and thought you pour into it devising and concocting your brilliant product or project will be futile if nobody knows about it. The same goes with having your own radio show online.



Of course, there are traditional methods where you can utilize some marketing tools such as having your own website, banners and sending email blasts but at this point in the game, you need to go the extra mile so that you can reach your desired market. Internet radio and audio streaming are some of the most profitable media start-ups today and you can benefit from these when you learn the ropes of promoting your radio station. Let everyone know that you exist and who knows, you might pick up on possible advertisers where you can earn more from.


Of course, when you want to start your own radio show, you should be passionate about your topic. It could be anything under the sun like government conspiracies and U.F.Os, Norwegian doom metal or your favorite local band, Case of the Mondays but it also pays that you have a good topic that can relate to the majority and the trick is to include multiple topics on your programs. Let’s take the example of one highly lucrative trend on the internet right now, online poker.


When you start your own radio show about poker, you can talk about valuable tips and tricks that you can use when you play online. You can also interview famous professional poker players such as Phil Ivey, Vanessa Rousso and David Negreanu. You can also plug important events about professional poker tournaments such as the sponsored World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour. It’s highly crucial to touch base with your fellow poker enthusiasts and make the experience more interactive for the listener. No matter what your topic is, it can add a little excitement and variety when you interview celebrities or famous personalities or experts on whatever topic you may choose.

When it comes to promoting your radio station online, there are numerous sites and directories where you can include your station. The biggest sites would be Shoutcast and Icecast. There are also a lot of popular directories such as iTunes and {Windows Media Guide} but you need to go through an intensive process before you get accepted into their directory. There’s also other options like Tuner24, Streema, Streaming the Net, Deli Cast, TuneIn Radio and it’s best that you include your site in all the directories on the web that you can put your hands on.