mohawk1Are you looking for a really good Halloween costume for this year? Why not dress up so that you look like a hardcore punk rocker? You will really make a splash at any party that you attend, and you will get to have a lot of fun dressing up. Best of all, you will be very comfortable in your costume since it is a style of dress and not a bulky costume like the ones you may have worn in the past.


The first step should be changing your hair. Punk rockers just love to dye their hair so that they stand out. You can get punky colour hair dye at, which you can then easily apply at your own house. You could also go to a salon to have them apply it for you if you want. Pick the brightest color that you can find, like pink or lime green. If you really want to make an impact, consider dying different parts of your hair different colors, using stripes or even polka dots.


After your hair looks stunning, get some raggedy old jeans – you could cut up the knees in the jeans that you own. Try to find a black leather jacket, but look for the thin, slender types of jackets, rather than the bulky ones that are often worn by bikers. To finish it all off, get some fake nose rings or lip rings that you can wear, or look for sleeves of fake arm tattoos.