PHL17 Hot List

Every year PHL17 puts out the Philly HOTlist. This is a list that covers the best Philly has to offer in just about every category. People vote on their favorites, and September 6th the polls close and the list is complete.


This year Gashouse Radio is nominated for BEST Radio Personality. This could be major exposure for the station, so if you have 1 minute to spare please vote for us!


A vote for us means a vote for those who support independent music. A vote for us means that you’re tired of hearing the same 5 songs all day long on terrestrial radio. A vote for us means you’re tired of the 20 minute commercial breaks. A vote for us means you’re done with the FCC over-regulating and watering down your audio entertainment!


So please, click here and vote for Gashouse Radio in the PHL17 Philly Hotlist!! Spread the word! IT won’t take many votes to get us to the top, we’re currently in 3rd Place!