Terrible Friends

This week’s featured band, Terrible Friends, are in studio this Wednesday


Terrible Friends are a great 4-piece out of Mullica Hill, NJ. Their sound is a blend of many different styles from alt rock to blue to indie rock.If you’re a regular listener to the station, you might have heard these guys put together a nice run on Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band. Since then their EP, Leaving Rip City, has been in regular rotation, and you can pick that EP up on their Bandcamp page.


This Wednesday, August 14th, Terrible Friends will be in studio as part of our Acoustic Series. the band will be in for a short interview, and a full set of acoustic versions of their songs.


Find the band on Facebook for updates on the band (looks like they’ve got a video coming soon). Tune in all week to hear Terrible Friends in heavy rotation. And make sure you tune in Wednesday night, 6pm ET for Terrible Friends’ acoustic set!