Climbing the Walls

Tournament-of-ChampionsIt’s The Good Excuses yet again tonight on Gashouse Live! This band has won 7 times straight in the Band vs Band segment of our show. That means if they can pull a win tonight, they will be over halfway to retirement! When a band wins 15 in a row, we make them a “retired champion” and they will return in December for our Tournament of Champions. Tune in tonight to see if they can make it 8 in a row!


Climbing the Walls are an indie/prog rock band out of Barnegat, NJ. They just released their first EP, Off Our Hands. Check out a few samples on their Bandcamp page, and tune in today at 6pm ET to see if Climbing the Walls can knock The Good Excuses out of their top spot.


We’ll be playing 3 songs from both bands today on Gashouse Live. Whenever you hear a song, use the thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion. These votes will determine which band moves on to the next show. We’ve also got  new music from Johnny Neutrino and The Secret Weapon and Terrible Friends will be in studio for our Wednesday night Acoustic Series!