Every Wednesday night, Gashouse Live presents our “Acoustic Series”. For the last hour of our show on Wednesdays, 8-9pm ET, we bring an artist or a band in for an interview and performance.


This week is a very special event. Amber Ladd will be joining us for this week’s Acoustic Series! Amber is well known to our listeners on Gashouse Radio. She’s one of very few “retired champions” on Gashouse Live. Amber has been in the Top 10 Countdown (daily 5am and 5pm ET) for most of the last 6 months, and she’s done it all with the most unique sound we’ve had on our station.


elektroNormally, Amber Ladd is an experimental, electronic artist that has an absolute, one of  a kind sound, style, presence and voice. Amber has brought an energy to our station that is immeasurable. Both of her albums, tRip and it (available at, have been in regular rotation since her debut. We’ve had the privilege of seeing her live at Hebe Music, and she performed a show in our studio this past Spring.


Currently she is recording her third full length album eleKtro, which will be released this Fall. For more information, check out It’s an extremely well-done website, and a great precursor to the strength of this upcoming album.


Wednesday, August 7th at 8pm ET, Amber Ladd will be performing an acoustic set. We’re looking forward to hearing her sound translated to an acoustic guitar. Make sure you tune in Wednesday at 8pm ET, and join us in the chat room. Also, you can see Amber live on Saturday, September 7th at Finnigan’s Wake with Magnificent Birds of Prey, The Lost Will Follow and Silver Skies.