In the Presence of Wolves are now 1/3 of the way to retirement. 5 wins down, and this prog rock band shows no signs of stopping. They’ve got a great EP that we’ve been playing on Gashouse Live as well as The Top 10 Countdown. If you just can’t wait for tonight’s show, check out Palladium on their Soundcloud page. Also, join us September 14th at Dockside Bar to catch ITPOW at the End of Summer Music Festival.


I’ve got it on good word that Pravda will be a serious challenger on today’s show. One guest on our show who saw them live said “there are 2 female vocalists whose voices stick out in my mind. The singer in Heart, and the singer in Pravda”. Needless to say we’re excited to have the band in rotation. They’ve got several shows coming up: 9/7 @ The M Room, 9/13 @ Studio 98 in Philadelphia and 9/21 @ Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City, NJ. Also, pick up the album Disengage on iTunes.


Today on Gashouse Live we have 3 songs from both bands. Whenever you hear a song played, share your opinion using our thumbs up/down buttons. These votes will be used to determine which band returns to the show tomorrow to face a new challenger. We’ve also got new music from Kalance Theory, and Charlie Clark. So tune in and join us in the chat room!