The Wicked Venetians

This is the home stretch for our returning champions In the Presence of Wolves! If they can take out their challengers today, they will only have 3 more bands to face. I got a chance to see this band live this past weekend and I cannot wait until they record another album; their new stuff is even better than the songs on their EP Palladium. they’ll be playing Desmond’s in NYC this Saturday. Check out their Facebook for more info and tune in today at 6pm ET.


The Wicked Venetians are a London rock band with punk attitude. “The Wicked Venetians are a trio of musicians operating in the London area and should be considered a genuine threat to the machines that run our lives”. We got 3 songs from them today, but it looks like they’ll be entering the studio again at the end of the month. Like them on Facebook for more info on the new record.


We’ll be playing 3 songs from both bands today at 6pm ET. While you listen, please use the thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion of each track (use these buttons all day long, not just during our show!). These votes will determine which band moves on to the next show as returning champion. We’ve also got new music from Solus Rex and Vigilant. So tune in and be a part of the show in our chat room!