Our listeners vote on every song we play on Gashouse Radio. Those votes are constantly tallied, and everyday at 5am and 5pm ET we air the The Top 10 Countdown. That Top 10 is constantly changing, as our listeners vote everyday. However, at the end of every month, we look at the Top 10 songs from that previous month. Here are the highest voted songs in the month of August, 2013:

the good excuses


  1. Einstein’s BullyThe Good Excuses
  2. 1984The Defused
  3. Back HomeThe Lost Will Follow
  4. It Shouldn’t Be AwhileClimbing The Walls
  5. HousewifeEast of the West
  6. Repeats and ReplaysAmber Ladd
  7. HypoxiaIn the Presence of Wolves
  8. LighthouseMagnificent Birds of Prey
  9. You Are To MeZer0
  10. So NumbEpicyon


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