Johnny Neutrino

If Johnny Neutrino and the Secret Weapon can win tonight’s Band vs Band, they will be more than halfway to “retired champion” status. When a band wins the Band vs Band segment 15 times straight, they enter an elite circle of retired champions. This has only happened 10 times in the past 2 years. Still a long way to go, but Johnny Neutrino has quite a run forming here. Go to their Bandcamp page to hear why our listeners respond so strongly, and check them out at The Legendary Dobbs this Saturday.


Jim Kroft is a Scottish songwriter now residing in Berlin, Germany. Several media outlets have compared his sound and style to that of David Bowie, and his social media stats are impressive to say the least. This past summer he completed an extensive tour in support of his new album Lunatic Lullabies. Today on Gashouse Live you will hear 3 songs from this album. Keep up to date with Jim Kroft on his Tumblr page.


We’re gonna play 3 songs from both of these bands at 6pm ET during Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band segment. While you listen, please use our thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think of each song. In addition to Band vs Band, we’ve got new music from Soldier, , and . Tune in, join the fun in our chat room.