sittin idol

And just like that, we have a new Band vs Band champion. Johnny Neutrino and the Secret Weapon used their alien powers to defeat Elsinore, and so they will be back today for Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band. This punk band out of Philadelphia has a show at The Legendary Dobbs on October 26th, and it’s a costume party. I can imagine this band will have a lot of fun with this show. Check out more details on Facebook, pick up the album on Bandcamp, and tune in today at 6pm ET.


Today’s challenger comes to us from Calgary. Sittin’ Idol are a rock band with a brand new album out titled Landmark. The album is getting a ton of airplay on internet radio stations around the world. We’ve got 3 songs from the new album to sample on the show today. Make sure you find them on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming shows and updates.


We’ll be playing 3 tracks from both bands today at 6pm ET. When you hear a song at anytime on Gashouse Radio, use the thumbs up/down buttons on our player page to let us know what you think. Your “votes” will determine which band returns to tomorrow’s show to face a new challenger. In addition to Band vs Band, we have new music from  and . Plus, every Wednesday we bring an artist in studio for an acoustic set, and tonight we welcome Solus Rex.