Jupiter in Velvet “Shut off your Mind”

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So who is Jupiter in Velvet anyway? In my won words Jupiter in Velvet composes warmly-layered tunes about heartbreak, first love, sacrifices, memories, joy and other realities of humankind. His narrative lyrics and sincere performances reveal life’s extraordinary moments and his own vivid, personal adventures.


In his words: Imagine David Bowie starting a band with Nick Rhodes, or Keith Richards and the Edge. Now you have a clear picture. His latest album “Shut off your Mind” was released in 2013 and pretty much delivers a strong collection of music that really showcases all the powerful elements of classic Punk and Rock with a dash of London-esqe musical personality.


For the more mainstream listener, “Shut off your Mind” will no doubt make a splash and prove to be very enjoyable. The song structures are well developed and pretty simplistic all around. I might add some of the greatest songs of all time are so simple.


Case in point:

JIV33“You are so Beautiful” by Joe Coker – one of the greatest love songs of all times, or “Get Back” by the Beatles is painfully simple piece that moves me every time I hear it. As far as love songs go I’m not hearing a whole lot of that here on “Shut off your Mind” that and it’s painfully obvious to me this lad is single with songs like “Make Out”, “Drops of Love” and enticing “Ice Queen” Jupiter in Velvet also takes it a step further on the title track and “All the way with the UK.”


Despite this there’s still a lot of emotion and variety on many pieces like “Everything My Heart Has Never Known” and “Can’t Let Go” that show this is a man of substance and character. Lush musical textures open up many songs flawlessly providing well placed guitar, electronic drums/beats/percussion, background vocals and harmonies. Much of Jupiter in Velvet gives way to a more stripped back roots of classic Rock n’ Roll of the Sixties. I look at Jupiter in Velvet I see a modern day version of David Bowie or even Paul McCartney. The vocals make a real impact as well as Jupiter in Velvet display a delicate baritone meshed well with the songs like “Find Another Way” and “Starman” extremely well. The only negative aspect: all this guys cover art looks the same. Not a lot of thought went into it. You can do better than that!


Bottom Line: “Shut off your Mind” is a great album and is not far from groundbreaking for Jupiter in Velvet. It has some real magical moments on it but mostly it’s a good time, rock n’ roll package. It might actually be the start of something special for Jupiter in Velvet in 2013. People who like their music upbeat, rocking, with a slice of punk and old time rock from an ocean away will like this simplistic staple. When it comes right down to it Jupiter in Velvet should please a pretty wide swath of listeners.


Rating-8.5/10 Stars


By Loren Sperry edited by Heather Savage

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