the contenders

Tonight on Gashouse Live we have a special edition of Band vs. Band. Rather than just 2 bands going head to head, we need to fill the 20th spot in our Tournament bracket. First let me explain the tournament.


The Band vs Band segment has been a part of our show Gashouse Live for the past 2 years. At the end of each year, we take the 20 best bands from the segment and put together an end of the year Tournament of Champions. These are the bands with the most wins in a row. Last year’s bracket looked like this:


BvB Bracket
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DRAGThroughout the month of December, we had a different match up on each show until a champion was crowned. Last year’s champions were UKs sleazy punk band Drag. They won bragging rights, permanent rotation on Gashouse Radio, and a sweet plaque.


This year we have 19 bands that have earned their position in the tournament. We will post all the bands in this years tournament on Monday.


We have 8 bands that are all tied for that final spot. And this year, instead of a plaque, we’ve got trophies for each member of the winning band. Its an extremely coveted prize. Here’s the list of bands looking to take that final spot in the tournament:



Pretty Fingers

Jim Kroft

Two Peace Extra Spicy

Burning Condors

Terrible Friends


Skinny Cool Kid

So today at 6pm ET we will play 1 songs from each of these 8 bands. Just like Band vs Band, we need you to vote on each song you hear using the thumbs up/down buttons. At the end of the show, the band with the most votes of the day will take the final spot in our Band vs Band Tournament of Champions!