eleKtroAmber Ladd is looking for a little help to fund her third full length album eleKtro. The recording is just about finished. Now all that is left is mixing, mastering and duplication.


Amber started a Rockethub crowd-funding project (similar to Kickstarter or Indie GoGo). She’s only looking to raise $1555, and she is already 70% of the way there. This is the last week to help support the project, so please check it out.


Think of it as a pre-order. If you can give as little as $5, you will get a digital copy of the new album. However, I suggest a $10 fund to ensure you get a physical copy of the album. A ton of thought has been put into eleKtro, including the album artwork in this physical digipak, so it is well worth the $10!


Amber LaddOther perks to funding the project include an awesome t-shirt that includes some of the artwork mentioned above and a 2GB flash drive bracelet that includes all 3 of Amber Ladd’s full-length albums. If you’re feeling really generous, $111 will get you everything including a limited edition steel lunchbox.


I’ve been fortunate enough to hear some of the new tracks and they are phenomenal! Please use this link to “pre-order” your copy of the album. But hurry, the Rockethub funding project ends this Saturday!