Green Corn RevivalSmall town Okies are bound for glory on their new album of cow-punk and indie rock anthems.


Bound For Glory, the new album by Green Corn Revival is a little bit of everything for everyone. What it lacks in focus it more than makes up for in anthemic singalongs and diverse melodies. The opening track Pyre In The Blood grabs the listener in at once with its dramatic melody and reminds me of the great band Muse, before they dabbled with electro music. So just when I thought I had them pegged the band starts rockin’ with I’m Alive, a dirty country rock number that is as much indie as it is country.


Next up is Hall Of Mirrors which is a bit more of a traditional cow-punk sound, the genre best suited for Green Corn Revival. The vocals have a 50’s pop sound. Give Me Liberty reminds me a little bit of The Wallflowers, sort of bar-band sound. Catchy, with a soulful background keyboard.


Hard Timin’ Monopolizin’ Blues is a major sing along type of tune that has some great harmonies. A cool country blues solo near the end solidifies the track. Half Life has a pop rock vibe with its oh oh oh’s and big vocals, it’s also one of the more upbeat songs, think a countrified Blink 182.


Original Sin/The Truth starts out with a distorted traditional blues riff and then turns into a sort of doo wop 50’s tune before jumping into psychedelic territory. This strange song has its charm but seems disjointed, trying to cram too many ideas into a single song, I felt as if I were listening to 3 very different songs at once.


Long Dark Train smartly resumes the fast paced rock vibe they had established early on. Hoorah At The Hi De Ho is lowdown classic cow-punk with a killer vocal harmony. This is one that is sure to please in a live setting.


The title track Bound For Glory is a moody blues slowburn, its simplicity is it’s strength, relying almost solely on the soulful vocal performance. Endless Sky ends the record on an optimistic vibe, reminding me somehow of Bright Eyes but with more soulfulness.


Overall Bound For Glory is a great drive through the peaks and valleys of small town American life, and I’m glad I stuck my thumb out and hitched a ride.


Posted by Jennifer Dempsey edited by Michael Rand

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