DVM Band

In an interesting turn of events on yesterday’s Gashouse Live, Skinny Cool Kid took the top spot in our Band vs Band segment. What makes this so interesting is that if he can win the next 3 days, he will secure the last spot in our Tournament of Champions. Check out the new EP No Risk on Bandcamp and follow along on Facebook for more updates.


Today’s challenger comes to us from. Dale Von Minaker band had a successful debut last week and this 4-piece out of England will not make it easy for SCK. Their debut album You Are Here was released last year and is available on their Bandcamp page. This year the band released 2 new singles, also available on Bandcamp. Tune in today to hear 3 tracks from DVM Band and see if they can be the last minute entry into our Tournament of Champions. Also, follow them on Facebook new releases and show info.


We will be playing 3 tracks from both bands tonight at 6pm ET. We need you to listen carefully to each song and share your opinion using the thumbs up/down buttons on our player page. These votes alone will determine which band comes back tomorrow. It will also determine if one of these bands will enter the Tournament, so your votes matter more than ever!


In addition to Band vs Band, we’ve got Even Man Out coming in studio for an acoustic session. Plus, it is Krantz’ birthday so a grab a drink and join us in the chat for what is sure to be an interesting episode!