The tournament continues! Yesterday we had an epic battle between Tungsten and Johnny Neutrino and the Secret Weapon. Today, its just as major. We′ve got WaveRadio and Kalance Theory on today′s show. These are 2 great bands that have been in regular rotation for most of the year. Heres a look at the 2 bands:


WaveRadio: This West Chester band came to the studio in October for an Acoustic session. Songs from their album have been in and out of the Top 10 Countdown since their debut. This is an awesome band and we were honored to have them in studio. Thanksgiving Eve, 11/27, you can catch them at Dobbs with Bunny Savage, The Skeleton Frames, and The Better Half.


Kalance Theory: Today we′ve got some brand new tracks from this duo. Kalance Theory was one of the first great finds of 2013 and they′ve been rotation ever since. Go to kalancetheory.com to check out their EP I′m OK and to learn more about the band.


Today we will play 3 songs from both these bands, and we need your help to determine which one moves on in our tournament. If you like a song, click the thumbs up button (thumbs down votes do not count during this tournament). It is up to you which band move to the next round.


In addition to the Band vs Band Tournament of Champions, we have Overcoming Gravity coming in studio. Saul (of Gravity Given Productions) has a new project to tell us about. We might even get an acoustic performance from the new project. Tune in, join the chat, and help us pick this years Champion′s Champion!