defused atlas

Gashouse Radio’s Band vs Band Tournament of Champions has been running throughout the month of December. We put together the 20 most popular bands of 2013 into a single-elimination bracket to find out which of these artists are our listeners favorite. The winner doesn’t just get bragging rights, but each band member will get a champion ring. The finals will be held on 12/30. Lets look at 2 bands in contention today:


The Defused: This is the first appearance for this NJ band. The Defused have a very strong chance of winning it all. A few of their songs have consistently appeared in the Top 10 Countdown (everyday at 5am and 5pm ET), and 1984 is one of the highest voted songs of the year. Their debut album The Autumn Tree will be released early in 2014, and we will let you know as soon as it is available. This Saturday the will be playing the Amber Ladd eleKtro Release Party at The Legendary Dobbs. Go to for more info and show dates.


Atlas and the Astronaut: This is a great indie band out of Washington state, and they’ve already defeated one serious contender in this tournament. Atlas and the Astronaut were one of the first bands introduced to us this year and they’ve been a great addition to the station. since their debut they’ve signed to DRD Records, and we hear that the new album is fantastic. Go to for updates on the new album, and check out their Bandcamp page for current releases.


Today at 6pm ET we will see which of these 2 bands will move on to the 1/4 finals to face In the Presence of Wolves. We need you to tune in and decide which band moves on, using the thumbs up button on our player page (thumbs down votes do not count during the tournament). We will play 3 songs form each band and you let us know which songs you like with that button. These votes will determine our winner.


In addition to the tournament, we will debut new music from Chris Rattie and Run to Sandy. So tune in for some excellent new music and live entertainment. Join us in the chat room to become a part of the show and share your opinion on any discussions that may develop. Plus, we will be picking a winner in our #TNTcontest. Tune in, 6pm ET today!