itpow, the defused

Today on Gashouse Live we are back with the Tournament of Champions! Today is the last round of the 1/4 finals; at the of tonight’s segment we will officially have our final four. Each day we advance in the tournament, the harder and harder it is to pick a winner. At 6pm ET on Gashouse Live, we will definitely need your help:


The Defused: One of the highest voted, most requested bands of 2013, The Defused are going to be a tough band to bring down. They have a very loyal following and with good reason. Fun and energetic both on their recordings and at their live shows. January 11th they’ll be at Hot Shots Bar in Westville, NJ. with Paint Box and Soraia. The new album The Autumn Tree will be available shortly, so check back in with the new and improved for more updates.


In the Presence of Wolves: Some of the best musicians in Philly belong to ITPOW. We saw this Saturday night at Dobbs when the crowd applauded their sound check! They are progressive rock and they are equally energetic. This Saturday ITPOW are playing the anniversary show at The Legendary Dobbs. Go to their Facebook and grab their 2 songs, and look for a full length album coming in 2014!


On Gashouse Live we will be playing 3 songs from both bands. We need you to listen to each, and if you like what you hear then please use our thumbs up button to share your opinion (thumbs down votes do not count during the Tournament). Your votes will determine which of the bands return to Gashouse Live on Monday for the semi-final round against The Lost Will Follow.


Also on Gashouse Live we will be debuting a new track from Whiskey Reverb. And we will be asking What is the worst Xmas gift you’ve ever given or received? The best answer will win a prize pack! So tune in, join us in chat and vote for which band you want to see in the Tournament of Champions semi-finals!


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