atlas and the astronaut

Welcome back from the holiday weekend! We are picking up right where we left off with Gashouse Lives Tournament of Champions today at 6pm ET. Weve put together the 20 highest voted bands of the year, and we are narrowing them down day by day to find our listeners favorite. Lets take a look at todays challengers:


East of the West: We thought this NJ band was going the distance in Band vs Band. They certainly have the talent, and the fanbase. Go to and you can download everything they’ve ever recorded for free. This band has some of the highest voted songs of the year, and don’t get me started on their live show; each show is bigger than the last. This Friday, 12/6 they are hosting the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Party at The Legendary Dobbs. Find them on Facebook for more info, and join us this Friday!


Atlas and the Astronaut: The only west coast band in our entire tournament, this Washington state 4-piece made their first Gashouse appearance back in February. Since the debut, they’ve signed to a local indie label DRD Records. While technically an EP, their self-titled 8-song debut is available on Bandcamp. Atlas and the Astronaut have a list of shows coming up in the Northwest, just go to for more info.


So today at 6pm ET we will match these two awesome bands head to head. We need you to listen to every song we play, and let us know if you like it by using the thumbs up button (thumbs down votes do not count during the tournament). Your votes will determine which of these 2 bands moves on to the next round of the tournament.


Plus, we welcome 2 new hosts of Gashouse Live! Amber Ladd and Dave Pitone of Wooden Hez will both be joining us every Monday on Gashouse Live. We’ve got a whole bunch of other updates on the status of Gashouse Live, the entire station, and the Philly music scene that we need to discuss on today’s show. Tune in and join us in the chatroom!