Easy Company

Here we go, another match-up in the Band vs Band Tournament of Champions. As we get further and further along in this single-elimination bracket, the harder and harder it is to see these bands go! Today we’ve got 2 listener favorites going head to head.


The Good Excuses: These guys just happen to be this weeks featured band. They’re from Philly and they have an awesome album called 30 Minutes or Less. On December 14th they will be playing at The Legendary Dobbs for Amber Ladd’s CD Release Party. Sample their songs on Soundcloud, and follow them on Facebook for more updates.


Easy Company: These Northern NJ rockers are already 1 win deep into this Tournament. Their latest EP Hello World is solid beginning to end (check it out on Soundcloud), and today on Gashouse Live you can hear 3 of them. Currently they are gearing up for some winter touring, so make sure you follow them on Twitter for updates, and check out easycompanymusic.com for more information.


Get your thumbs ready! This will be an extremely close match so we need every single one of you to tune in and listen to each song we play! When you hear a song you like, please use the thumbs up button located on the player page next to the chat room (thumbs down votes will not count during the Tournament). We will play 3 songs from each band during the show, and the band with the most thumbs up at the end of the show will move on to the next round!


In addition to the Tournament, our friends from Center City Comedy will be joining us in studio! This is going to be a really fun show, packed with a ton of good music. Afterwards we are all heading to see live music in the city. Connies Ric Rac is getting violent with Eat the Turnbuckle, East of the West and Hiding Scarlet are at Dobbs, and there’s a long list of great bands at The M Room. Take your pick and go support original music!