tlwf, kalance

Today on Gashouse Live we continue our 2013 Band vs Band Tournament of Champions. We started with 20 bands and we are now down to just 7. The competition is heating up, and today is no exception. Today we have 1 band with their first appearance in the tournament against a band who have 2 wins and a lot of momentum. Lets take a look:


The Lost Will Follow: This is the bands first appearance in the Tournament of Champions because of how popular their songs have been with our listeners throughout the year. When they debuted in Band vs Band back in April they won 15 straight match-ups, beating some of our other most popular bands on the station. Since then we’ve seen these guys a bunch of times live and they are a lot of fun. Currently they are working on a follow up to their EP, and they keep themselves very busy with shows around the Philadelphia area. December 28th they’ll be at Big Shots in Westville, NJ and January 18th catch them at The Grand Fromage in Atlantic City. Visit for more info and updates.


Kalance Theory: Some of you may have counted Kalance Theory out of the Tournament of Champions when they had to face WaveRadio on the second day of the the tourney. Some of you may have counted them out of the Tournament of Champions when they faced The Mainestreet Band. It seems as though nothing can stop this duo. Their winning with songs from their EP I’m OK, which has been in rotation for most of 2013. Go to and check out some of the songs. While your there you can also watch some awesome videos they’ve put together as well.


Today at 6pm ET the Tournament of Champions 1/4 finals continue! We need you to listen to both of these bands. When you hear a song, please use the thumbs up button (thumbs down votes do not count during the tournament) if you like what you hear. We will play 3 songs from each band, and at the end the band with the most votes moves on to the semi-finals.


In addition to the 2013 Band vs Band Tournament of Champions, we have our featured band of the week The Wayside Shakeup joining us in studio for an interview and acoustic performance. So tune in and join us in the chat for some awesome live entertainment!