mbop tungsten

Wow, we have got one hell of a match-up today on Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band Tournament of Champions! One of the highest voted bands of the year versus the band with the most momentum coming into the tournament. This is what this band tournament is all about. The best of the best on today’s show, so let me introduce if you have not already heard about these bands:


Magnificent Birds of Prey: This is actually the first appearance of MBOP in the band tournament because of how popular they were among our listeners throughout 2013. They originally won 15 straight appearances in band vs band, and Definition is one of the highest voted songs of the year. Not only that, but MBOP is a great group of guys. A lot of fun to hang out with, which always makes for a great show. December 28th catch them at Big Shots in Westville, NJ and January 18th they are part of a big show at Grand Fromage in Atlantic City. Go to magnificentbirdsofprey.com for more info.


Tungsten: I think the only reason Tungsten is not a retired champion is because they ran out of time in the year. This prog rock band had a nice winning streak going in Band vs Band before the tournament started, but the band tournament did not slow them down. they’ve already defeated Johnny Neutrino and the Secret Weapon, and they defeated Copper Lungs. Their album the Reservoir is due out January 14th, and 1/18 is the release show at The Fire. Joinig them are fellow tournament contenders In the Presence of Wolves. Go to tungstenphilly.com for more info.


At 6pm ET we need you to help us pick which of these 2 excellent bands will move on to the next round of the tournament. When you hear a song, click thumbs up if you like (normally we say click thumbs down if you don’t, but thumbs down do not count during the tournament). These votes will determine which of these bands make it to the SEMI-FINALS! this is a very important match up so join us!


If that weren’t enough for your Friday entertainment, we’ve got The People coming in studio! Live entertainment, great new music, fun discussions and much more tonight from 6-10pm ET on Gashouse Live. Fridays we are simulcasting on NeueRegel Radio, which means even more fun added to the mix!