philadelphia radioPhiladelphia radio is getting better and better thanks to Gashouse Radio

Our flagship show, Gashouse Live, is growing and so many ways! Thanks to all of your support, we are able to bring you more live broadcasts, more guests, more contests and giveaways, more performances and more fun!


First, we are expanding Gashouse Live to a 4-hour show. Starting today, we will be live 6-10pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Let’s take a look at each day:


Mondays: We welcome Dave Pitone of Wooden HEZ, and Amber Ladd as new co-hosts on Mondays. Dave and Amber will be joining Krantz and myself every Monday 6-10pm. Each co-host will be bringing their own new music, and their own brand of entertainment to Gashouse Live. In addition to our new co-hosts, we’ve got some new contests to add to our #RadioRoulette game for even more giveaways. If that weren’t enough, Stoner Jesus will follow every Gashouse Live from 10pm-12am ET


philadelphia radio internetTuesdays: Jeff and Brandon, hosts of R2HT, will be joining us as our 2 new co-hosts on Tuesday nights. Jeff and Brandon are both involved in the movie industry, so this will add an interesting point of view to the show. Plus, they always provide great music discussions. Also, look for more in-studio performances on Tuesday nights. Look for new contests, new segments and stay tuned for Stoner Jesus after the show.


Wednesdays: In place of Gashouse Live, we are bringing THAT Mags Radio Show back to Gashouse! Every Wednesday from 6-8pm Brian and Jodie bring you even more interview and performances from independent artists. At 8pm ET, BC/DC/JP present That’s How We Roll on its new night and time. These guys bring their own brand of interview, discussion, and comedy to the station. In lieu of Stoner Jesus on Wednesday nights, Jersey Jim Makes a Scene from 10pm-12am. Jim spins more of a pop-punk element on Gashouse with his mix of music and live in-studio performances.


Thursdays: Charlie Silvestri will be joining Jim, Brooke, and Dustin every Thursday night. Charlie (host of Up Close and Acoustic Mondays 11am) has a wealth of knowledge in both Philadelphia radio and music, which makes for a perfect co-host to Gashouse Live. Look for a lot more acoustic performances on Thursday nights. Tom, aka 420watch, has been a key part of our station for years. We are incorporating Tom’s Cover Show into Gashouse Live every Thursday, and we hope to have more of Tom on air soon.


philadelphia radioFridays: Every Friday we hope to have a special guest co-host. Unsung Philly, RonBomb, some regular friends of the show, and some notable comedians in Philadelphia will all be filling this role. Plus we have even more new contests to giveaway all sorts of t-shirts, albums, concert tickets and more.


Philadelphia radio just got a little better thanks to Gashouse Radio. Every weeknight we have live entertainment for you from 6pm – 12am ET. And lets not forget all the great music programmed for you throughout the day, and the live events we are hosting throughout the city.


Three years ago we noticed a large entertainment gap in the Philadelphia radio market, as well as a lack of support for independent music. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to grow Gashouse Live into a community of people who share a love for music. We are always evolving so be sure to tune in everyday!


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