philadelphia-carmen-skyyCarmen Skyy’s Dream is a Reality with New Single “I Dream About You”


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Every day new music comes out onto the market. It can either blow our minds or get cast aside. The creative juices of Miami, Florida based singer/songwriter, Carmen Skyy will make you stop in your tracks as you listen to her latest single “I Dream About You.” Her fierceness and attitude bring a new dimension where artists like Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj left off.


Going beneath the surface of the song, Carmen’s songwriting talent is stylish and inventive. Pop superstars like Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill and John Mayer have fuelled her passion for creating personal and meaningful music that inspires others day in and day out. Creating a blend of musical flavour with elements of Pop, Hip/Hop, and Electronica, the song is free-flowing and heart pumping all the way. It’s one of those songs that you would hear at any given nightclub and would bring people straight to the dance floor. The sensual rhythms heighten the pleasure of the track, bringing forth that pure sense of eargasm all over again. Adding another rich component, Carmen’s rap skill momentum is right on par and she proves that she can hold her own in clarity, pitch and tone.


Drifting into our unconscious, Carmen’s sultry vocals evoke feelings that make you want to smile and her ability to create a song that sticks in our minds so potently solidifies the one thought that Carmen Skyy is truly a dream come true.


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