Every day at 5am and 5pm ET we air the Top 10 Countdown. These are the top 10 songs, or the highest voted, on Gashouse Radio of the past 4 days. The list is constantly changing in order to showcase our listeners’ current favorites. At the end of each month, we tally all the votes of these songs. Below are the 10 highest voted songs from the month of November.


top-10-logo[1]1. Contamination – Tungsten

2. Just Like Me – Skinny Cool Kid

3. Memory – Amelia Scalies

4. Her Name – Overcoming Gravity

5. What I Believe – Amber Ladd

6. 1984 – The Defused

7. 5000 Miles – Zer0

8. Wide Awake – TheOne2s

9. Crush – Hudson K

10. White Whale – WaveRadio


The top 10 songs are added to heavy rotation throughout the day. Make sure you vote using our thumbs up/down buttons every time you hear a song on Gashouse radio; day and night. Our listeners determine which songs are played in heavy rotation with these votes. Tune in at 5am and 5pm ET to hear the current listener favorites.


Tune in to Gashouse Live every weekday at 6pm ET for more information, and thank you for all of your support!