open jam

Did you know about the open jam that happens every Tuesday night at The Legendary Dobbs? It’s a free event, there are drink specials, and it is a really good time. You don’t have to be a musician to attend.


When Gashouse Radio hosts an open jam, we always pick someone who participates in the open jam to be a part of one of our showcases, every 2nd Saturday upstairs at Dobbs. So if you would like us to book you for a show, come out to our open jam!


Some people have asked me what exactly is an open jam? Basically it is a gathering of musicians at a venue with a full back-line setup, ready to be played. If you are a musician there are a few ways to participate:


  1. black starsYou can bring your whole band out and sign up to play. when it is your turn on the list (sign ups start at 8pm) your band can go up and play 3-4 songs using the provided drum kit and amps. Think of it as an open mic for your entire band.


  1. If you are just a single guitarist/bassist/drummer /horn player/fiddler/hurdy-gurdyist etc, just sign up to jam. A handful of artists will go up and just start playing a simple progression. If you think you have something to add to the mix, jump up there and join the fun.


  1. If you are an out of town touring band, this is a great chance to get a featured spot on a Tuesday night. It’s very difficult for smaller touring bands to break into large city scenes. This is a chance to play a premier venue with a crowd of people anxious for new music.


  1. Or, as a musician, just sit back and enjoy the open jam. This is a great spot to network with other musicians. If you need a new member for your band, chances are there will be someone here to fill the spot. Gig swap, meet new bands to play shows and much more.


  1. You do not need to be a musician to have fun at the Open Jam! Come out and just enjoy the show!

The Open Jam is free! Plus, $2 PBR and $4 shots of Jack!


Each Tuesday of the month is hosted by a different group. Black Stars host the first Tuesday, Dr. Beardface hosts the second, Gashouse Radio hosts the third, and Modern Colour hosts the fourth. Again, if you are a musician looking to get out into the Philly music scene, please join us for one of these open jams. It’s a great time, its free, and you never know who might show up.