upstairs at dobbs

Every 2nd Saturday upstairs at Dobbs is the Gashouse Radio showcase. We pick some of the bands that are in regular rotation on the station and put together a live show.


We take a lot of care in any live event we put together. We do not just slap together 4 bands with a decent draw. We pick 4 bands that fit well together. Not necessarily by genre, but more so by overall feel. We try and create a night where you can come to see the first band and stay until the last song of the headliner.


So January 11th, upstairs at Dobbs that is exactly what we have for you. Above Connecticut, Baby Diaz, Zer0 and Pool of Thorns will be taking the stage.


Click Here for the 1/11 Upstairs at Dobbs Facebook Event


Above Connecticut: Named after a wrong turn taken on vacation, this four piece modern rock outfit has been electrifying stages in the Philadelphia music scene since 2011.


Baby Diaz: A rock and roll band from Philadelphia Pa.Good songs and good musicians make a good band. Thats what we do, that’s who we are.


Zer0: ZerØ’s original music blends a unique fusion of alternative, progressive and stoner rock. Inspired by the varied influences of the late 60’s psychedelic, 70’s progressive and 90’s grunge movements.


Pool of Thorns: Notorious for being called “THE HARDEST WORKING BAND IN JERS-A-DELPHIA” and are now known as ” THE HARDEST WORKING BAND ON THE EAST COAST” as they play 2 to 4 shows a week, touring regionally from Florida, South Carolina all the way to Illinois, including Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, Trenton and Chicago.


And like every live event that Gashouse Radio organizes, we will be hosting and giving away all sorts of tshirts and albums in between in each band. This is a great room and a great lineup, so please join us upstairs at Dobbs on January 11th!