new music

One of the main objectives of our show Gashouse Live is to introduce our audience to new music on a daily basis, and tonight will be no different.


We have a segment every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday called The Radar. In this segment, we debut 5-6 new bands by playing 1-3 of their songs throughout the day. Round 1 is at 9am, round 2 at 2pm, and round 3 is played during Gashouse Live, 6pm ET. Whenever you hear a song on Gashouse (not just in The Radar, but anytime) please use the thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think of the track.


Lets take a look at today’s new music:


: Kenny Fame or Levi Wise Kenneth Catoe Jr. in real life is an accomplished lyricist and spoken-word artist with dreams of making it big in the music scene. His journey in music began when he met Dan Dimaina; from then on, he has been composing songs with the help of notable local producers such as DJ Jesse Castro, Craig Levy and Michael Mancuso just to name a few. His humble beginnings, strong will and passion to let his music be heard in the world is truly commendable!


Skinny Cool Kid: This is the 14th day that SCK has been on The Radar. If he is the highest voted song today and Thursday, then he will be the first retired champion of 2014. Be sure to tune in on 2/13 to hear Skinny Cool Kid live in-studio!


new musicBosom Band: This sultry blues band out of Philadelphia debuted yesterday and also had a strong reaction from our listeners. Their votes earned them a second appearance on the show. Check out their Reverbnation page for a list of upcoming shows in the area, and download a few free tracks.


SmoKeSmoKe is a progressive rock band that has been influenced by many different artists, people, and experiences. Aiming to create music that inspires listeners. We have taken inspiration from a broad spectrum of artist to create memorable music.


: Black Angel is a San Francisco based rock ‘n’ roll band that has had two albums selected as the Top 35 Albums in the world by writers for Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine. Their song, One Beer, was selected as the Song Of The Year by Chuck Eddy, senior music director of Billboard Magazine. Black Angel has a new album out called Pleasuredome and continues doing 50 live shows a year in California and beyond.


: Valence is a four piece band based out of the greater New York City area that exists to rock hard and push the boundaries of progressive rock and metal. Fusing heavy music with odd meter, classical structure, jazz musings, strong groove and American power, Valence is able to create its own unique sounds that transports the listener to a new state of mind that is cerebral and energetic.


Core Critical: A truly international band, with an English lead singer, Uraguayan drummer and three American guitarists. The Album ‘The Human Condition’ features polished production, inspired vocals, driving guitars and a muscular rhythm section. check out the website


In addition to the new music, we are always taking your requests, so please don’t be shy! Ron Bauman, aka RonBomb, aka new owner of Connie’s Ric Rac, will be joining us in-studio. There are a lot of new things happening at the Ric Rac, and Ron will fill us in. We’ve also got his signature drink RonBomb lined up.


So tune in to Gashouse Live, weekdays 6pm ET! Join us in the chat room, share your opinion, vote on the new music, and please help spread the word!