pool of thorns

This weeks featured band will be playing upstairs at Dobbs this Saturday, January 11th


Pool of Thorns, an alt-metal band out of the Philadelphia area. We saw P.O.T. a few years ago and they’ve been in rotation on Gashouse Radio ever since. Notorious for being called “THE HARDEST WORKING BAND IN JERS-A-DELPHIA” and are now known as ” THE HARDEST WORKING BAND ON THE EAST COAST” as they play 2 to 4 shows a week, touring regionally from Florida, South Carolina all the way to Illinois, including Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, Trenton and Chicago.


This band never stops moving. Whether they’re touring nationally, locally, or in the studio, Pool of Thorns have definitely earned their Hardest Working title. This has allowed them to craft one hell of a live show. Powerful songs, captivating stage presence and a dedicated following make every Pool of Thorns show a must-see. Check out their Reverbnation page for more upcoming shows.


This Saturday, January 11th, upstairs at Dobbs is a great opportunity to see Pool of Thorns for yourself. Gashouse Radio will be hosting this show, so you know there was a lot of thought put into this lineup. Along with Pool of Thorns, check out Zer0, Baby Diaz and Above Connecticut. In between each band we will be giving away shirts and CDs to the audience.


Tune in all week to hear Pool of Thorns in heavy rotation. We will be playing a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET). Vote on every song you hear using the thumbs up/down because your votes determine how often a song  is played in regular rotation. You will also be hearing some Zer0, Baby Diaz and Above Connecticut in heavy rotation in support of the upcoming show.


And join us, Pool of Thorns, Baby Diaz Zer0 and Above Connecticut, Saturday, January 11th upstairs at The Legendary Dobbs! Click here for the Facebook event page