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Dont forget, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we showcase the newest music to be submitted to Gashouse Radio.


Tune in at 9am, 2pm, and 6pm ET to hear the latest Gashouse Radio has to offer, and share your opinion! Use our thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think of each song you hear. Those votes will determine which of these songs will stay in regular rotation. Your votes could also help a song enter our Top 10 Countdown, everyday at 5am and 5pm ET.


Each day we pick 5 or 6 new entries, and we play a song from each at 9am, 2pm and during Gashouse Live at 6pm ET. Heres the bands we have lined up for today:


: Hailing from Bangor whilst studying in University, Shoot the Rabbit have been making a name for themselves in the Wrexham area for the past three years.


Eight Up


: Among some other artists, have been put on a “blacklist” of artists banned in Belarus due to the open support of political opposition resulted in cancellation of their Belarus tour. Band is currently on tour celebrating their 20-th anniversary.


The BallRoom Babies: The intensity of a BallRoom Babies performance equates to the magic of a thousand symphonies colliding. The chemistry of the three brothers ignites instantly on stage as a result of a love for their trade and years of experience performing together. The result brings smiles to many who listen to their music or watch and feel their electricity on stage. The brothers have delivered a powerful new re


Skinny Cool Kid: Now the 4th straight appearance on The Radar. You can also hear SCK in the Top 10 Countdown. Go to his Bandcamp page and grab the EP!


The Valkyrians: their 2nd straight appearance on The Radar. for more information, please check out