top 10 songs of 2013

We’ve had a ton of great songs come through our station this past year, so lets look at the Top 10 Songs of 2013.


Our listeners vote on every song we play on Gashouse Radio using the thumbs up/down buttons. These votes are collected into a database and we use them to determine how often a song is put in rotation. The Top 10 songs of 2013 are the 10 songs that our listeners voted thumbs up more often than any other songs.


  1. top-10-logo[1]I Can’t Believe – The Lost Will Follow
  2. Definition – Magnificent Birds of Prey
  3. 8 Bit Luv – The DeFused
  4. Repeats and Replays – Amber Ladd
  5. Hypoxia – In the Presence of Wolves
  6. Chasing Lights – Copper Lungs
  7. Mischief – Rodger Delany
  8. Cordelia (Featuring Carmen Toth) – Social Potion
  9. High Definition Hypnotism – East of the West
  10. Einstein’s Bully – The Good Excuses


So keep tuning in to Gashouse Radio and keep voting on every song! You are helping to shape the sound of the station. And if you haven’t heard any of the Top 10 songs of 2013, go to Gashouse Radio immediately and request them!