wclqueen upstairsSome weeks are harder than  others to choose one band to feature for the week. This week was exceptionally difficult due to just how many great bands have shows this week. It turns out, half a dozen of them are all playing the same venue, the same night.


This Saturday, February 15th, at World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington, DE there are 2 floors of fantastic live music:


Upstairs: WaveRadio, Glim Dropper, The Late Saints, Stereobox


What a great lineup. These bands fit perfectly together, so you definitely want to get there early and stay through all 4 bands. We have seen WaveRadio and Glim Dropper a few times, and they always put on an amazing show. The Late Saints and Stereobox have not yet been on Gashouse, but we hope to change that asap.


The show is all-ages and it starts at 8pm. You can get tickets for only $6 in advance from one of the band members ( contact us if you need help finding advance tickets). Or, just visit the World Cafe Ticket Page.


wclqueen 2-15Downstairs: The Hyde, The Silent Signals, The Burgeoning, Dayseam


It is going to be really difficult deciding which floor to watch at which time. Downstairs you have another great show from beginning to end. The Hyde and The Silent Signals were both recently in studio for an acoustic session, and they both turned out fantastic. We have yet to see The Burgeoning or Dayseam, but we have already heard great things. Look for these bands in rotation very soon as well.


Tickets for the downstairs show are $10 in advance, and this is also all-ages. Again, contact  a band member (or us) for advance tickets, or grab them from the World Cafe site. This show starts an hour earlier than upstairs.


If you’ve never been to World Cafe Live at the Queen, this is a perfect opportunity. It is a very cool venue with unique atmosphere and incredible sound. Pick a floor, or bounce back and forth, but do not miss this show!


Tune in all week to hear these bands in heavy rotation. We will play a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET).