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This winter just won’t let up, forcing us to cancel our show left and right! Skinny Cool Kid was scheduled to come in studio for an acoustic session and an interview, but that will be rescheduled for March. No worries, the music must go on. We have a ton of great bands to debut today as part of our segment The Radar, so make sure you tune in!


Below are today’s debuts on Gashouse Radio. We’ll be playing a track from each of them in the 9am hour, a track in the 2pm hour, and third track in the 6pm hour. Make sure you tune in to each and let us know what you think by clicking the thumbs up/down buttons. Now here are the bands:


Reverbnation Pick. The sound of Mike Montrey Band (MMB) has a rugged outline — awareness of life’s tremors pepper the lyrics, sung with a tenor that both trembles and soars, seemingly made for this kind of poetry. Yet it’s the high-spirited melodies and flowing, exploratory warmth of the musicianship that keep this six-piece from settling anywhere near easy classification; “indie acoustic singer-songwriter,” “sultry, jazzy zouk” or “roots” could aptly be applied at any given performance. Relix Magazine has caught on, as has Jambands.com and the prestigious Asbury Music Awards.


: Reverbnation Pick. Lower the Veil completed their second CD, The 100th Monkey, which was released on January 28, 2012. Out of desire to express passion for the characteristics of mind and perception of reality, The 100th Monkey seemed to be exactly what Baldwin had looking for. That was until November 9th, when the band released their explosive latest album “SOON” which has set a whole new standard for not only the band but home recordings everywhere.


: Bill Wilson Jr.’s music focus on strong songwriting, that creates dark universal lyrical themes and lush guitar driven musical landscapes that draw upon experiences derived growing up in Philadelphia and moving to Brooklyn. Chasing the Sun is a Tom Waits style conceptual album with pop/rock songs that tell the story of an artists search for his voice.


: Starting in early 2006, Enstride laid its foundation in the local Philadelphia music scene. Since then, Enstride has evolved into a band whose music cannot be generalized into any one specific musical genre, rather, their sound has impacted many and left them at a loss of words for how to describe what they’ve heard. Enstride is an all-out attack on the senses, blending melody and harmony with driving guitars, grooving rhythms, and fueled by the desire to blend each other’s individual styles.


: Succumb to the siren call.


: I am a whiskey drinking, boat shoe wearing, MC/DJ/Producer who currently resides on a Megabus between a pair of imitation BeatsbyDre Headphones. Still in a committed relationship with my first love, Hip Hop. However, I tend to have affairs with other genres.  #BalloonUP


Plus  and  are returning from Tuesday’s show, because they were tied for the highest amount of votes. So even though there is no Gashouse Live tonight, we will still have The Radar. Tune in and vote to help determine which of these bands will be back for Monday!