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Another snow day but don’t worry Monday’s episode Gashouse Live will go on!


We lined up a ton of music for tonight’s show just in case I was going to be by myself. It looks like Dave will be co-hosting, and most likely Krantz will be with us as well. This means we have a ton of music to get to, and only a little time to get to it. Here’s who we have for tonight’s edition of The Radar:


Tiger Factory: Need a mixture of pop, rock, and hip hop in your life? Well, you got it! This London band is very new, and we have their first single, Devils, to debut.


: REVERBNATION PICK Brian is a singer/songwriter out of New York. He releasing his single, “America” this April, and will be releasing a full length album, “Broken Heartstrings” this summer. Currently Brian is setting up a tour schedule for this spring/summer, and will be at the Montauk Music Festival this May. For more information on releases and how dates, please visit


Ten Minute Detour: Now on their 4th straight appearance on The Radar. There has only been one other band this year to make it this many in a row, Skinny Cool Kid, and he went on to win 15 in a row. This means that are listeners have found something with Ten Minute Detour’s sound that they really connect with, and so they keep voting the Calgary back for another appearance.


: Also our featured band of the week. It is very rare that an artist debuts and is the featured band in the same week, but we’ve heard so many great things about Johnny Showcase and the Lefty Lucy Cabaret that we had to make an exception. Read our article about Johnny Showcase, and check them out this Friday at Connie’s Ric Rac.


The Alaskan-Ghanaian-Ohioian songwriter uses contemporary stylings that pull from the Diasporas of American heritage. Soulful and simple, Kwesi K draws his listeners in with colorful story lines and a melodic fervor. Kwesi is a true American folk musician celebrating the history of this county’s ancestors and their music.


Quinn Archer:LA based, singer-songwriter Quinn Archer, just released the fresh new track “Dark Places”. Check it out and get a feel for gothic soul at its finest.


: Master jazz drummer and holistic healer, Milford Graves, connected Greg Fox to specialized bio-sensing machinery to generate music of the heart. The resulting scores from this experiment were used as the basis for compositions of Mitral Transmission.


: Problem Solving five piece original rock n roll band from Philadelphia. We draw from our influences of rock n roll, R&B, and Country. We have just released a brand new album, “Sunset Ranch.”


: I am an unsigned songwriter and musician. I play all of the instruments and do all the vocals on my songs. All of the recording is done in my home studio at the beach in NC.


It is Monday which means Kelly and Amber will be taking over the last hour of the show. And Mike Gallagher will be stopping by for a bit as well. We have a ton of events in the very near future that we need to discuss. If that weren’t enough, it is a new week which means we are building a new YouTube playlist. So tune in, and join the chat room!!