Connies April 5th

Saturday, April 5th, 8pm you will be joining us at Connie’s Ric Rac for a great night of live music! The theme of the night will be bands that write extremely catchy songs:


Red Letter Life: This a great Philly band we have known since almost the beginning of Gashouse Radio. They were the first band to play acoustic in-studio, and also the first band to play one of our live events. Re Letter Life writes extremely catchy songs that will get stuck in your head for days, so you’ve been warned.


Bree and the Whatevers: Our featured band of the week, this Brooklyn band mixes blues with a cabaret feel. We are looking forward to hearing their unique sound live for the first time. Tune in all week to hear them in heavy rotation and I guarantee you’ll be humming a song or 2 in no time.


Even Man Out: This is another great Philly band; however we rarely get a chance to see these guys live. The band is currently dispersed across the United States, and they only get together to play shows a few times a year. For A Feral Few has been in our Top 10 Countdown for weeks, and their album Tinicum is one earworm after another. We are so glad we get to have these guys on this show.


Preston Hull: Another great album you should be adding to your collection is Man Up by Preston Hull. I guarantee you will be singing “She was my great great great great great great grrrrrandma” from Mitochondrial Eve. Or So This is the City might get stuck in your head as well. Great songwriter, and another artist we have yet to see live. Go to and grab a free sample so you know the talent you are in for next Saturday.


We are really proud of this lineup, and I think you will understand why if you join us on Saturday, April 5th at Connie’s Ric Rac. Tickets are $8, 21+, and the doors open at 8pm. We will have giveaways in between bands, and hopefully we will be broadcasting live as well. See you there!