Every single day at 5am and 5pm ET we present the Top 10 Countdown. These are the 10 highest voted songs form the past 4 days. So what does “highest voted” mean?


Well, you can vote on every song you hear on Gashouse Radio using the thumbs up/down buttons. They are located on our player page, and on our Android and newly updated (and free) iPhone app. Our listeners share their opinion on every song they hear, and we play the 10 highest voted everyday at 5pm.


The Top 10 Songs of February are the 10 highest voted songs by our listeners


At the end of every month we tally up the votes from the entire month and post the Top 10. So here are the highest voted songs in the month of


top 10 songs of february1. More Than Words – Amelia Scalies
2. 8 Bit Luv – The Defused
3. Just Don’t Know – Ten Minute Detour
4. Prude Sister Pam – East of the West
5. Shanghai – Glim Dropper
6. Sweetest Sound – The Plattitudes (Marc Platt)
7. Slitting Your Wrists with a Competitive Edge – Tsunami Rising
8. Royally Misguided – The Mumblecores
9. So Numb – Epicyon
10. Made Mistakes – Lucks Lane


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