Gashouse Live 6pm

Yes, tonight will be a very short edition of Gashouse Live 6pm ET; only 1 hour. I don’t like cutting the show so short, but it is for good reason.


You see, we practice what we preach on Gashouse Radio. When we cut a show short, it is usually because we are heading out to support an original music show in Philadelphia. It’s a great sign of the growing music scene when we have so many decisions to make each weekend. So let’s take a quick look at this weekends festivities:


Friday Night

  • East of the West, Bong Hits for Jesus, McRad and HR of Bad Brains will be playing The Legendary Dobbs on South St.
  • Sonnder, Matt McAndrew, Black Rue, Lost Romance and Valkyrians are playing at The M Room
  • Taylor, the bartender at Connie’s Ric Rac is turning 21! Leo Minor, Minka, The Blackhawks and DJ Smurf will be playing Connie’s Ric Rac in celebration.
  • Relatives, Gavilan and Plantation will be at Shady Katie’s in Somerdale, NJ.


Saturday Night

Connies April 5th


I’m sure we are missing a ton of great events in this list. So please, let us know what else is going on so we can help promote them tonight on Gashouse Live 6pm ET. That is the main objective of tonight’s show. Plus, we got a new track from Marc Platt to debut. The rest of the night will be all-request, so please use and let us know what you want to hear! Tune in to Gashouse Live 6pm ET, and then go out and see some live original music!