weekend shows

Tonight on Gashouse Live we take a look at the weekend shows, and Ksenia of the band Pravda will be in studio!


Ksenia, front-woman of the band Pravda, will be in studio tonight to give us an update on the band (and tell us more about this big show on 4/26 at Reverb). We will also be sampling a new track from the band. In addition to this song, we’ll also be playing some of the best tracks of the week that we discovered on our segment The Radar.


Looking for something to do this upcoming weekend? Below you will find a list of the weekend shows we’ve been talking  all week on Gashouse Live. Obviously we didn’t see all of them, so if you feel like there is a great show that we missed, please comment on our Facebook or Twitter, and we will mention it tonight on Gashouse Live as well. These are the weekend shows we will be discussing at 6pm ET:


Friday Night 4/11



Saturday Night 4/12



So start your Friday night with Gashouse Live at 6pm ET and get all the details on these weekend shows happening around the Philadelphia area. Pravda have a new song we will be sampling with Ksenia in studio. Plus, the last 2 hours of the show (8-10pm) will be all request as we head out to support some of these shows tonight!