our indiegogo campaign

Gashouse Radio has officially “Leveled Up”

Thank You!!


Yes that is correct, thanks to our amazing group of listeners, supporters, family and friends, Gashouse Radio has successfully completed our IndieGogo Campaign! For 7 weeks we pushed and promoted this and it has paid off tremendously.


Gashouse Radio was looking to “get to the next level” in radio but we needed a little bit of help. We need new equipment, we needed an updated website and we needed new merchandise. Most importantly, we needed new advertisers. The goal was to raise $5000 from small listener contributions and larger advertising packages.


The campaign ended at 11:59pm ET on June 2nd. Our total amount raised, $5583!


We at Gashouse Radio cannot thank you enough for your hep. Not only did we have 68 people contribute towards the campaign, but we had hundreds sharing the campaign over social media! That is why we raise more than our goal. We have an amazing community here around the station, and because of your help we can make it bigger and better.


The website has already been updated! We had such an initial wave of contributors that we decided to move forward with the website redesign. Over the next few weeks you will hear a bunch of updates to the station, you will see some updates on our site and at our live events, and there will be even more updates on the back end to make Gashouse Radio run smoother and reach more people.


If you contributed, look for individual emails coming over the next 2 weeks. If you contributed $10 or more, the email will include a download code for the Gashouse Radio Acoustic Compilation Volume 1. The tees should be printed within 6-8 weeks, and we will be scheduling all of the advertising immediately.


Again, thank you so much for your support over the years. We hope to continue to make this station bigger, better, and your only place for new music.