top 10 songs of june 2014

Already a week into July and we have not yet posted the Top 10 Songs of June 2014! Well here they are, the highest voted songs of last month. Our listeners can vote on every song they hear on Gashouse Live. using the thumbs up and down buttons. They are located on the left hand column of They can also be found above the chat room, and on our Android and iPhone apps. Use those buttons to share your opinion! We want to know what you like so we can adjust our music selection.


Here’s the Top 10 Songs of June 2014:


 1. For When You Come Around  – Neat Meat
 2. Sunday in the Afternoon  – Even Man Out
 3. Someone Like You – Dead:Stop
 4. Away you go – Against the Clocks
 5. Long Time Coming – Taking October
 6. Lightswitch – Wine & Spirit
 7. Her Name – Overcoming Gravity
 8. Dandy Horse – The Luck of Eden Hall
 9. I Need U (Remix) – Kenny Fame
10. When The Sky Was Falling – Dionysia

Thank you and keep up the votes! A lot of these bands are brand new to Gashouse Radio, so you’ve really helped us narrow down all the new submissions to find some of the best independent bands out there. Tune in to the Top 10 Countdown everyday at 5pm ET, followed by Gashouse Live weekdays at 6pm ET!