The past 5 days have been blur. A whirlwind of music, information, networking, drinking, and fun. The 3rd Annual Liberty Music Fest, #LMF2014, is now over and some thank you’s are in order.


First and foremost, thank you to Jim and Vince of DVT Events. Thank you to Brian and Jodie of THAT Mag, Unclaimed Bands, the staff at Finnigan’s Wake and to all of the sponsors of the event. These guys worked their asses off for months to put this event together, and it showed. The entire #LMF2014 was incredibly organized and professional, especially considering the amount of moving parts to this thing. This is an incredibly important event, and those listed above cannot get enough credit for what they put together.


I would be writing all afternoon if I were to mention the standout performances at #LMF2014. Thank you to everyone who attended and performed at our #LMF2014 open jam Wednesday night. The biggest problem I had over the course of the event was trying to decide which stage watch and when over the course of the 5 days. The panels were very informative, and it was great to see the amount of musicians who came early to learn little something.


Can you believe Unclaimed Bands did 60+ interviews during #LMF2014?! You can get to know almost every performer this year over on their Facebook page.


Thank you Broken Goblet for the free beer! Awesome new craft beer in the area, and they provided a few kegs for free during the networking segments.


Do you know what else happened this weekend? Rodger Delany had his last show in the area (along with a great lineup) over at World Cafe Live. Sparklefight had their CD Release at Connie’s Ric Rac, and Gravity Given / Forward productions put together a hell of a lineup at Dockside Bar. All of these events were packed on the same night. I think that says a lot about the current state of the Philadelphia music scene. We have an abundance of talented people in the city, and then scene is just getting stronger and stronger.


So congrats to everyone involved, and thank you for an awesome weekend. I know there are plenty of people I forgot to mention in here, but I’m working on about 12 hours sleep over the last 5 days, so bare with me. Because of the crazy week, and the holiday weekend ahead, this week’s featured band will just be all the bands that played #LMF2014 over the weekend.


Looking forward to next year already!