Thalassas, the new album from In the Presence of Wolves, is one of our most anticipated releases of the year

New Jersey band In the Presence of Wolves has been taking the Jersey-Philly prog-rock scene by storm. This band first formed in 2009 and became a hit in the prog-rock scene by 2012. The four piece has performed at places the TLA, The Trocadero, and Kung-Fu Necktie. The band is debuting their new album Thalassas at their release party on November 29th at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia. The full length record is set to come out on December 2nd.

Thalassas features eight tracks, include a three part song sharing the album title. In my opinion, this band is the epitome of prog-rock/metal but with their own unique jazzy flare added to it. The vocals, which I would call alternative sounding, mesh perfectly with the progressive rock/metal undertone of the instruments. The seven-minute long track “Hypoxia” starts out as a soft rock song with meaningful lyrics but strikes you with bursts of hard rock.

Another great track off the album is “Birdsong.” This track shows the bands uniqueness and versatility with their sound. Like “Hypoxia,” it starts out soft and eventually picks up. “Birdsong” has extremely relatable lyrics and in my opinion, shows off the bands instrumental talents more than any other track. If I had to compare these guys to another band, it would probably be a combination of Mastodon and Incubus but much more unique.

If you’re interested in hearing what In the Presence of Wolves is all about, check them out on Gashouse Radio, or at The Legendary Dobbs on October 31st, The Wild Bull on November 7th, or the North Star Bar on November 29th for their release party. Give them a listen, you won’t be sorry.