Your opinion matters on Gashouse Radio! We want to know what our listeners think of the songs we play on air. So we have these thumbs up/down buttons that you can use to share your opinion on each track. If a song gets a lot of thumbs down, we pull it from rotation. If a song gets enough thumbs up, it could end up in our Top 10 Countdown, which airs every day at 5am and 5pm.


The Top 10 Countdown tallies the votes from the past 4 days to give you an idea of the current most popular songs on Gashouse. Then, at the end of each month, we tally the votes from the entire month and post them here.


These are the top 10 songs of September, 2014:

top 10 songs of september

1. Serenity Now – Andrew Mark Schaffer
2. Heavy – Jay Regan
3. Backed Against the Wall – Dead:Stop
4. My Kind Of Barbecue – Skinny Cool Kid
5. Her Name – Overcoming Gravity
6. Co-Pilot – Magnificent Birds of Prey
7. No Silence In The City (single) – Cold Roses
8. From the Other Side – The Defused
9. Man of the Times (radio edit) – In the Presence of Wolves
10. Smoke in the Wind – Nick Cianci