Gabe BrandisOn Tuesday, November 18th, we welcome author Gabe Brandis in studio


Are you familiar with the Hare Krishnas? Those religious guys that used to hang out at airports? What exactly were/are the Krishnas and are they still around?


Gabe Brandis is all too familiar with the Hare Krishna “religion”. While looking to further his education in Boston, Gabe met a few Hare Krishna devotees. What happened next changed his life forever. Gabe joined the religion/cult, lived in the temple, and became engrossed in the Hare Krishna religion. After witnessing parts of their practice that didn’t sit well with Gabe, he realized he wanted out. Getting out of this religion was not so easy.


Servant of the Lotus Feet: A Hare Krishna Odyssey is the true story of Gabe Brandis’ dealings with Hare Krishna. The book details the time he spent inside the temple, as well as the kidnapping required to escape the religion, and the eventually de-programming required to fully escape. On Tuesday, November 18th Gabe Brandis will be in studio to talk about this fascinating story.

Servant of the Lotus Feet: A Hare Krishna Odyssey is the true story of an adolescent’s quest for spiritual meaning. Enchanted by the wisdom of the Orient, Sidd drops out of his freshman year of college in the early 1980’s to join the Hare Krishnas while visiting Boston. During the course of four years in New England and New York City, Sidd struggles as a fund-raiser for the cult. As an initiated Brahman priest, he gains privilege and responsibility.Sidd’s innocent question posed to the spiritual master in a room of hundreds of curious guests and devoted followers shakes the foundations of the temple walls, engaging the “holy man’s” wrath. Disillusioned by the contradictions and deceits perpetrated by the elders of the Indian religious cult, including his and other allegedly “pure” spiritual masters, Sidd gradually backs out of the movement. While visiting his family for a holiday reunion, Sidd is abducted and compelled to review the facts about the religious cult he had embraced.

First, grab his book Servant of the Lotus Feet: A Hare Krishna Odyssey (it’s available in paperback or as an e-book). Then, tune in to Gashouse Live on Tuesday, November 18th at 8pm ET to learn more about Gabe Brandis’ story. We’ll be talking to him about his time in the Hare Krishna temple, what he learned from the entire experience and what he is up to these days. Please bring your comments and questions to our chat room!