2014 Tournament Semifinals


Don’t miss Monday on Gashouse Live as we present the 2014 Tournament of Champions semifinals!


Our listeners can vote on every song they hear on Gashouse Radio using the thumbs up/down buttons at the top of our site. Those votes are counted and used to help determine how often songs are played in rotation. They’re also used to determine our Top 0 Countdown which airs everyday at 5am and 5pm ET. At the end of each year, we tally up the votes and put together our Tournament of Champions!


The 32 highest voted bands of the year are put into a single-elimination bracket. Since mid-November we’ve been matching up 2 of the bands on every episode of Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET) ad each day one band is eliminated. On Monday we present the semifinals, and Tuesday will be the tournament FINALS!

That means on Monday’s episode, we have 2 matches. So let’s take a look at our competitors:

Match 1: Against the Clocks vs. Neat Meat

Tournament of ChampionsAgainst the Clocks
: 4 piece band from a small Indiana town. Jon, Brock,Landry and Logan’s Four harmonizing vocals, catchy beats, powerful rhythm line, explosive leads, and soothing piano sounds complement each other. Very catchy music that seamed to have really connected with the majority of our listening audience.

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2014 Tournament of ChampionsNeat Meat: We’re a male/female, cross-coast, indie-rock duo. Neat Meat originated in Philadelphia in early 2011, and their debut album Thick is available on iTunes and Spotify. Their track “For When You Come Around” is the 4th highest voted song of the year, and their sound is different than anything else we spin on Gashouse Radio.

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Match 2: Skinny Cool Kid vs. Dead:Stop


2014 Tournament olf ChampionsSkinny Cool Kid: Singer-songwriter from West Chester, PA. Skinny Cool Kid has had 2 albums in the top 10 over this past year, and has made several appearances in studio as well. My Kind of Barbecue, the title track of his latest release, is the last of his tracks to grace the Top 10 Countdown.

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2014 Tournament of ChampionsDead:Stop: A hard rock band from Allentown, Pennsylvania. This is bandis relatively new in the Philadelphia music scene, and has made big waves this year. Now that the band has planted their high-energy show into the Philly scene, the band is expanded all over the region. Look for them in a town near you soon.

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So tune in to Gashouse Live Monday night at 6pm ET to help determine who is going to the finals on Tuesday’s show. In addition to the Tournament of Champions, don’t miss our conspiracy theory segment every Monday night on the show. And as always, we will be mixing in some of the best new independent music that we can find!