music and foodThe University of Oxford has released interesting research regarding the connection between music and the taste of food. What they found was that different types of tastes are highlighted when combined with different types of music. For instance, a song with high pitches will naturally increase the sweet and sour components of food.
While this may seem amazing at first, it isn’t that much different from the way music can shift your mood in an instant. What happens when a song that reminds you of someone you have lost comes on the radio? What about a song that reminds you of your lover or the best day of your life? It’s easy to get swept away with emotions that have nothing to do with your current state in life just from the exposure to the sound of different types of music.
Think of this as the awakening and transformative nature of music. You can make weddings and other special occasions more memorable by adding slow songs for the couple’s trip down the aisle and fast songs for the reception celebration. It isn’t a far stretch to imagine that you can change your experience of food by changing the station on the radio.
This may remind you of the innovative music festival created by Jordan Kurland, known as Treasure Island. The outdoor festival features an eclectic mix of music that falls into a long list of genres. Each day of the festival features a different type of music, and as a whole, the festival introduces participants to new artists capable of evoking a wide array of emotions. Your experience at the festival will depend on which day you attend and the tone of music for that day.
Jordan created the festival in the spirit of Noise Pop. This is a unique club experience where participants enjoy a diverse collection of music all in the same evening. Events are held in small clubs, and the experience is rather exciting as you never know what type of music will come up next.
The concept of listening to different types of music is exciting once you realize the awakening power of music. The human body will respond to the music even without you recognizing what is happening, but when you are aware of the changes it is exhilarating.
You don’t have to attend the Treasure Island festival or a Noise Pop event to take advantage of the influence music has on your brain. Simply make your favorite meal, turn off the television, and download some of your favorite songs. As you turn to different types of music, notice how the taste of your food and your mood shifts.